What Wifi Network to use with the Ring Car Cam?

I have an At&T wifi hotspot in my 2019 Equinox. I also have a wifi home network signal that reaches my garage. I used the vehicle wifi to set up my new Ring Car Cam. However, that wifi signal is not available with the car is switched off. Should I switch to my home network? However that signal is not available when I leave my driveway.

What is the purpose of the wifi connection for the Car Cam and when is a connection needed?

Hi @tmozer3. A wifi connection is necessary to utilize Live View and receive notifications, so I’d suggest connecting your Ring Car Cam to your home wifi network. When you’re on the go, and not connected to your home wifi network, Car Cam can save videos locally to the device. These videos can be played back in the Ring app when the Car Cam is connected to your wifi again.

A subscription to Ring Protect Go is required to download or share these videos, and it also allows you to stay notified about and check in on your vehicle when it’s on the go by providing LTE coverage to the Car Cam. Without a Ring Protect Go plan, events will still occur while your vehicle is away from your home wifi, but the notifications will be queued up and delivered after the Car Cam connects to the home wifi. See here for more information on Ring Protect Go subscriptions.

I did switch to my (current) home wifi network and that seemed to fix the issues. However I actually have three locations and three home networks that my vehicle may be parked at. It would be great if, like my Android phone and some other devices, Ring Car Cam would remember each network and automatically connect when that network was within range.

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@tmozer3 Thank you for your feedback. I’d recommend adding this suggestion to our Feature Request board, which allows us to gather and share different ideas with our teams. Feel free to link that post you make in the Feature Request board here so other neighbors that come to this thread can easily find your feature as well.

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