What size cable for Ring Doorbell Wired?

I don’t have any existing wires. I will run the cable from Ring to a transformer.
What size cable do use? It is stated that 18 gauge is best but what is the equivalent to that in the UK?
I tried using a conversion tool but it comes out as over 1mm, surely that’s too much?
Bell wire here is 0.50mm but is that to small? What about .75mm?

Thanks very much.

Hi there, @Spoogy! Check out our help center article for some visual examples of proper wire gauge. 18 Gauge is optimal, and your conversion to metric measurement ( I believe 1.024mm) should be proper. To be sure, feel free to reference the above article for sizing comparison. As a best practice, too thick of wiring will not work, and too thin of wiring can cause resistance in power.

If you are unsure with gauge still, or uncomfortable with wiring installation, we recommend consulting with a qualified electrician for this install. I hope this helped! :slight_smile: