What RSSI number is Poor, Good, Average, Excellent

You have an article on line that discusses how to deal with poor connectivity but NOWHERE in the article does is state what values are Poor, Good, Average, or Excellent. Whats the deal? Just installed mine and it reads RSSI-40

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Good question, @Snoopyvulture! This can be found in our Community post about RSSI, by Riley! An RSSI of -40 or better will show as good or even excellent, whereas an RSSI of -60 or worse would like show as poor. In some instances you might see this say good even though your RSSI is around -60. While it might be sufficient, an RSSI like this can still indicate some interference with wifi signal. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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Thanks It does help but the data should be on the main Ring info page about RSSI


Neighbor feedback like this is always appreciated! Consider this shared with our teams here for future consideration.

So does this mean that the lower the number the better?
Mine shows 50 and I just cannot connect to it. My signal strength is high…

Plus, I did my speed test and both download (45.07) and upload (14.20) are higher than 2 Mbps as recommended. Anyone that knows what could be wrong?


Good question, @smendez. When using quantity to reference, it can be confusing as RSSI uses a “-” symbol to read the necessary values. So technically -40 is a “greater number” than -60. With that said, the closer you are to -60, the more video or communication concerns you might experience. We recommend having your RSSI -40 or better for optimal performance. This is best done by eliminating distance, multiple walls, and obstacles between the router and Video Doorbell. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: