What kind of Ring Doorbell user are you?

What kind of Ring Doorbell user are you?

  1. Use/treat the Ring doorbell like a conventional doorbell, and forget about any technological differences.

  2. Ignore everything, including people ringing your Ring doorbell. Only go into the recording timeline and view a video recording reactively to see what happened much later, if necessary.

  3. Ignore everything, unless some non-soliciting human actually rings the doorbell and hangs around long enough. Then make an attempt to talk to them via your Smartphone Ring app, before deciding if you want to open the door.

  4. Respond to interesting Ring motion alerts on your Smartphone, and answer via the app if any humans are involved.

  5. Jump up and view every single Ring motion alert notification on your Smartphone, including launching Live View via the Rapid Ring app as soon as it happens.

  6. View Live view (frequently) for no reason at all, just to make sure it works as advertised and to ensure everything outside your door looks ok.

Sad to say, but I’ve become a #1, lol.
I found myself transitioning from 5,4,3,2 over the past year ?


I’m a 2


video doorbell

Installing the 3 Plus tomorrow. Someone asked why are you installing all battery powered Ring products when I have say power avaiable for my doorbell. When the power goes out I want everything to still work. My wifi and Ring base station are both on UPS battery backup systems.

Plus even though my Nicor eletroic doorbell system is on Ring’s compatiblilty list for the Doorbell Pro, it bricked two units after install. I’m in a new construction house and they put the doorbell wiring like 2 feet to the right of the front door jam for some stupid reason also.

I can mount the 3 plus right on the wooden door molding instead of drilling into the stucco. The solar mount for it seems pretty useless from the reviews I’ve read and it would be .4" too wide for the door molding anyway.

Spotlight battery powered cams are going up next.

do you now how to set it up so i can seei ton my pc?

i have windows 10

You can get the app for Windows from the download site.