What is wrong with Ring 2???

I got my ring 2 a few days ago. I got it from costco. It comes with a 6 month free subscription.

I look on my account, it was not there. I contacted support. They said they will fix it with 48 hours and let me know. It has been days, no response.

At the time of the chat. I uploaded my Costco reciept as proof. So all should have been sorted, but no. Nothing is sorted.

So i try to do a follow up. But now rings live chat does not work. I go to support, that send me to this forum. I go to this forum it send me back to live chat, which send me back here.

So there is no way to chat to anyone anymore.

Cannot call as your lines are closed for covid.

What is going on ring?

Please add my 6 month subscription to my account and let me have some peace.

And some one please fix the live chat. Cos it is defo broken.

Thank you ring!

Due to CV19 they’re hours and service has changed.
Read here. https://support.ring.com/hc/en-us/articles/360041597471-Ring-s-Response-to-COVID-19