What is the Snapshot Capture interval

What is the amount of time in between snapshots and can it be configured? Thanks

Great question @brosenz ! There is not a way to alter Snapshot Capture frequency. The time intervals between Snapshot Captures vary, and on battery devices are intended to preserve battery while still providing useful Snapshot Captures. We are always working to perfect our devices and features, so I can certainly share this feedback with the team! :slight_smile:

I have a wired device (Spotlight Wired), what is the standard interval for it? Thanks

The Ring website says you can change it but I can not get my app to show those features and Tech Support has no answers. So hopefully someone here can shead some light on it.


From link above

How do I change the frequency of snapshots taken with Snapshot Capture?

To change the frequency of snapshots captured, follow these instructions:

  • Open your Ring App.
  • Tap the three-lined icon in the upper-left hand corner of the app to open the side menu.
  • Tap Devices.
  • Tap the desired device.
  • Tap Device Settings.
  • Tap Video Settings.
  • Tap Snapshot Capture.
  • Select the frequency with which snapshots will be taken.

Note: Increasing the snapshot frequency on a battery-operated device will reduce battery life.

The instructions are not accurate and proably should be taken off the website or they should fix the app to reflect it.

The described option doesn’t exist in the app, I just checked again.

Hey neighbors! **In an upcoming version of Snapshot Capture, neighbors will have an option to adjust the frequency as desired. Keep in mind that increasing the frequency of snapshots will create a more thorough timeline, but will increase the need to charge battery-operated devices.

Please keep an eye out for any app updates. We will, of course, keep the Community updated with more information once received. :slight_smile: **


Thanks for the info. Will be looking for it. All my cameras are wired so battery is not a issue.

Glad to hear we can start setting the frequency. I had one other question - Is there a way to delete all of the snapshot images from your server? As far as I can tell you can delete one at a time but there is no way to “Delete All” with a single click. Even if you turn the feature ON->OFF-> ON you still get the snapshots from the past.