What is the expect range of the 2nd Gen motion sensor?

My motion sensor is installed at 7.5 ft in the back corner my detached garage (dimensions of 20’ x 25’) and takes about 15 seconds to notice that I have entered the garage before it triggers the alarm base station. If I walk slowly enough it will never detect I have entered the garage for the entire time I am there, even though I entered and exited through one of the overhead doors. Is the garage too big for the range of this sensor? As a basis of comparison, the hardwired Honeywell motion sensor mounted in the entrance hall of my house is able to detect motion at 50’ away from the entrance hall to the back corner of my great room. Likewise the one mounted in the opposing direction has the same ability.

Hi @dabnc. It looks like you are experiencing difficulties with your Alarm Motion Detector because of its placement. We have this Help Center article that covers where to place an Alarm Motion Detector and where not to place it. One of the areas it mentions not installing it in is a detached garage. Sensors should always be used in the same building as the Ring Alarm or Alarm Pro Base Station.

@Justin_Ring thanks for the comment but my sensor is in the same building as the Base Station because I have a dedicated base station installed in my detached garage. In fact the motion sensor is the only attached sensor to the Base Station and is 15 feet away from it. It is optimally mounted in the corner of my garage at 7’6" height.

Because it is powered by battery do you make it sleep for a certain amount of time cycles to conserve battery power. As a result, it is not alert enough to detect motion that is slow or intermittent except by chance. I can open the overhead door to my garage, walk in and repeatedly walk from one side to the other in slow motion and never trigger the alarm. If I then stop and wave my arms around for about 5 seconds this will then trigger the alarm…

By the way… you never answered my question. What is the range of your motion sensors?

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@dabnc. I appreciate that extra information. The next best step would be to contact our support team, as they will be able to go into more in-depth troubleshooting with your Motion Detector to determine what is causing your concern. As for the range, we do not have that information since it can differ from neighbor to neighbor depending on the Detector’s location and surroundings.

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