What is the best way to secure ring to an outdoor wall with sidine?

There is a $24 cover n amazon. I have a wall next to my door. It has siding on it. I was able to just screw in my porch light with quite a bit of pressure on a wall. It presses the siding in a bit. Is the plastic cover sturdy? If I put pressure on it with screws (sinking screws into siding) will the cover crack?

Rather than having the ring face forward from my door and only capturing things infront of it. I would like to mount it on a wall to the left of my door. Then the camera faces down me entire porch - not just a small area directly infront of my door.

Hi @SecurePeople. While I don’t have any advice I could share on installing the Doorbell for your particular situation, feel free to use the search function here in the Community to locate other threads about installing the Doorbell. You can click on the magnifying glass in the top right-hand corner and type in whatever you’d like to search for. :slight_smile: