What is Sleep Time when Motion Frequency is set to Regularly

I was curious how long the Sleep Time is when a Ring Stick Up Camera has it’s Motion Frequency = Regularly.


Hi @fcedff02380f874fb6a798d532775c. You can learn about Motion Frequency in this Community post here. You are able to determine the amount of dwell time between recorded events. Let me know if this helps!

Thanks for your reply but I had already read that before posting my question. I would like to know what the time between motion alerts is if set to Regularly. For example, 5 minutes.


Hi @fcedff02380f874fb6a798d532775c. Sorry about that. When your Motion Frequency is set to Regularly, there will be a dwell time of 1 minute for the first time you Snooze the alert. The second time you Snooze the alert, there will be a dwell time of 5 minutes. If you Snooze the alert a third time, there will be a 10 minute dwell time. I hope this helps.