What horrible support!

What horrible support!

Hello Karen,

You can call the support telephone number for advice, etc.

You have to be gentle on the screw and be certain to fully insert the screw driver point before turning it. All screws when exposed to the elements for a fair bit of time need a bit of care when removing.


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Hi @banana - we’ll get through this together.

You can contact support at 800-656-1918. However, please review our response to COVID-19 which has caused us to have reduced support hours.

It sounds like your screw is stripped. Have you tried putting a flat rubber band between the screw & the screwdriver, then try twisting it out. If that doesn’t do the trick, try applying super glue on the tip of the screwdriver, then place the tip into the screw. Allow the glue to harden and then try to remove it once more. We can send you an extra screwdriver, and extra security screws for your convenience. Please let us know if this helps.