What happens if my ring keypad is out of charge?

Hi, what happens if my ring keypad is out of charge. I am thinking about a scenario in which I am not home for 2 months (this happens) and the battery simply dies because I forgot plugging it in prior to my leave.

Does the alarm still work if the keypad goes offline?

Can I still activate / deactivate the alarms using my smartphone / Ring app?

Many thanks!

Hi @Nuwanda1990. If your Keypad falls offline, your Alarm will still work. It can still be Armed and Disarmed with your Ring app on your smart phone. Also, since the average battery life of the Keypad is up to 8 months, you can leave it plugged into the charger at all times and not ever worry about the battery draining. If you can not leave it plugged in, you also have a Power Saving Mode you can activate for the Keypad. I hope this helps! :slightly_smiling_face: