WHAT happened?!?

I have: two Ring Pro (v2) doorbells, one each on my front and side doors; and a Stick-up (plugged-in) camera on my garage.

Roughly 3 weeks ago I did a factory reset on my Pixel 6.
September 5th, it was upgraded to Android 13.
September 6th, the Ring app was updated.
According to my dashboard, all the cameras are in good health, have decent WiFi signals, and have the latest firmware.

Prior to the App update:
My ‘front door’ camera was set to record motion and people, but send an alert ONLY when the doorbell was rung.
My ‘rear door’ camera was set to record motion and people and send an alert when the doorbell was rung OR people were detected. This is actually the side door and it’s the primary entrance/exit from the house.
The ‘garage’ camera was set to record people and motion, but not send any alerts. There is a large overlap between the garage camera and the back door camera, so I don’t need alerts from both!

Since the last app update - and maybe sometime prior to that, I have ‘Smart Alerts,’ but the system worked as I set it. HOWEVER! SINCE this last app update, the doorbell cameras have gone haywire! For example (before): When I walk out the ‘back’ door in the morning, DING DING DING! The alert and snapshot showed up on my phone; alert and snapshot again, in mid morning when my wife walks out to check the mail; alert and snapshot when the UPS guy drops off the latest Amazon package, and alert and snapshot when I walk in the door at the end of the workday.

So this morning, I had a day of vacation to take my wife to some appointments, I walked out of the ‘back’ door at 0915. The garage cam failed to record, the back door failed to record, but the front door recorded the car leaving the driveway. At 1015, the garage cam managed to record the spider crawling across the lens and, subsequently, the vehicles on the highway in front of the house. At 1230, the garage and front door cams, recorded our arrival back home - but the back door didn’t. From roughly 1330 to 1630 I was out in the yard, mowing and trimming my lawn. The garage cam, and the front door cam, recorded those events but the back door cam didn’t record ANYTHING! For all intents and purposes, the back door camera went on strike at 0400 this morning and hasn’t recorded (or alerted on) anything since…it’s 2235 now!

I have rebooted all the devices and played with the settings in the app, for ALL of the devices, SINCE the update and haven’t gotten any better results. WTF people?!?


Hi @Shack01. Do you have Mode For Cameras enabled? This could be affecting how your camera behaves in a specific Mode. This Help Center article here has some information on notifications for your Android device, which can helps with your Smart Alerts. If the articles I’ve shared don’t seem to help your concern, please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.