What happened with the keypads?

Both my keypads started having the same behavior. They are both set to light up when motion is detected. Now both will only light up the mode button when I approach. I have to cover the entire device with my hand to get the other buttons to light up. I’ve also found there’s no history of events being saved to them anymore. For both to start having the same issues at the same time, was it an update that changed them? I arm the one keypad in a mostly dark room every night. It’s been fine until now.

On my keypads, if it’s dark (the sensor is the bottom left “button”) the whole thing will light up, but during the day only the mode light illuminates. It’s been like this for as long as I can remember.

I don’t see any event history either, but I’ve never looked there so am not sure if I’ve ever seen events for the keypad.

Have you tried toggling the LED settings to see if you can get the other modes to work properly and then put it back to the setting you want?

That’s my problem, all the keys used to light up, now they don’t. And the event history should show arming and disarming info, etc. No history to show anymore. And yes, I’ve toggled the settings.

Well obviously Ring doesn’t have time to chime in on this. This is just one of the many quirks I’ve had to deal with since installing this system. Even Ring’s own help page for the keypads doesn’t even reflect what is actually on the screen in the Ring app. Xfinity Home security was pretty much trouble free. I wish I had just paid more and stayed with that system.

My arm/disarm events appear in the event history for the base station, but now that you point this out, it doesn’t say which keypad (and I have two) so yeah, I’d think that should appear in the individual keypad’s history.

Odd that the buttons won’t light up at all. Maybe you can get them to send you a replacement keypad?

Before, I could go to the keypads in Devices, and see the event history. It would show all the arm/disarm events. And both keypads started doing this at the same time. I’m leaning towards an update that broke it. When I get to the distance it senses me, only the mode button lights up now. The only way to get the keys to light up is to put my hand over the front of the keypad and slide it and then the other keys light up. It doesn’t matter if it’s at night in a totally dark room, either, so lighting isn’t the issue. I could be about 8’ from them before and they would light up no problem.

Hi @theEdge. Thank you for sharing what you have been experiencing. Try doing a reboot of one of your Keypads by using a pin or paperclip to quickly tap and release the pinhole button on the back of the Keypad. If it does help fix the issue, then do the same to the other Keypad. If it does not help, the next best step is to contact our support team for them to further investigate and also look into why your Keypad history is not appearing. Give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.