What features are left when I cancel my Protect Basic subscription

have one video doorbell which is set to alert me when it is rung and I am away from home. I do not have any motion sensing set up. I also occasionally use Live View to check on the front of the house. If I cancel my Protect Basic subscription which, in light of the increase I do not consider as value for money in my case, will I still be able to live view via the iPhone app and the web page app replacement.

Basically you’ll no longer have videos recorded that you can refer back to.

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As long as I can access live view via phone and website or see who is at the door then thats fine. I dont need anything recorded.

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Hi @RobL. As @SolarEclipse mentioned, you’ll lose the ability to review any previous recorded videos, but you will still receive notifications and have the ability to access Live View so you can see who is at the door. You can view information on our Ring Protect plans in our Help Center Article here if you have any other questions. :slight_smile: