What does this mean: url1660myaccount.ring.com

When I first open Ring on my iPhone, it goes to a website that says url1660myaccount.ring.com i think and then switches over very quickly to ring.com - I’m wondering because it seems some individuals have been hacking our Ring camera for years here in Redwood Shores. We have had a lot of crime and vandalism and credit cards stolen from a locked car with more than $10,000 spent on them (we got the $ back, but it was very stressful and time-consuming). Anyway, I’m trying to figure out obviously how to stop the hacking or is it impossible since Ring seems to have a radio on it?

Hi @user76124. I understand how this can be concerning, but I’ve confirmed with my team and this is not a security threat of any kind. With the ending being in Ring.com and not anything else, you can confirm that this is an authorized Ring website. The prefix of that web address is just a vector that is used to take you to your home page. If you ever see something suspicious, you can get in touch by sending a private message @Ring on Facebook or Twitter.

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