What does human being related events mean (hoping for human & vehicle)?

We have a Ring doorbell at home & LOVE it! We live an hour away from our remote farm & have had some tresspassers lately. Before something illegal happens or someone gets hurt, we need to monitor better when we aren’t there. Trail cameras aren’t doing the trick as they have in the past apparently. :frowning:

There are no phone lines nor internet at the farm. So I did a LOT of research on what I could do & figured out the wireless internet option that will work & went with a Ring Floodlight Camera since we love our Ring doorbell, that seemed the best way to go at the farm.

While it is working great, I am not getting much sleep. When I was researching the best option for the farm I was told this was it, it is hard wired, would reset itself when the power goes out (it does occasionally for short moments) & would pick up people & vehicles. This now seems possibly untrue (reviews I read before had were all good) or I am just a rookie at this camera.

Please can someone clear up my fears of turning on People Mode Only? I need to get some sleep instead of being woken up by notifications due to bugs, neighbor’s (up the road) dogs, buzzards, coyote, deer, raccoons, turkey & one lone, old cow (thus my commical community name LOL). I will test it myself next time I am down there…meant to do so when we set it all up, but we were mowing & working, we were so tired, we just plain forgot that we wanted to test that option. :frowning:

Thanks so much!

Great questions @1Cow! In regards to the power supply and auto reconnection, this is something that can happen at times but will depend on a multitude of factors. While your device will search for it’s connection upon powering up, or temporarily losing signal, the signal will have to be available. There might be times where a Ring device might have to manually be reconnected after the loss of a resource. To best alleviate a power concern, some neighbors will seek out a device such as our Stick Up Cam plug-in which allows for battery and plug in power. We’ve also seen neighbors use a router with a battery backup, so that even with power loss, network might stay connected.

As for people only mode, this will definitely prevent unwanted alerts. Like any of our motion settings, or features, these are designed to be tested through trial and error in your endeavor to fit the Camera to the environment. Environments can vary from one to another, which means a setting that might work phenomenally in one location, might have varied results in another. For this reason, please try people only mode along with the fine tuning of zones or sensitivity, to see if it will detect in the manner you desire. Understanding the balance between security, convenience, and experience, there are ways to avoid motion alerts at certain times, via motion scheduling in the Ring app.

I hope this helps! Feel free to ask any further questions that might help you best with tailoring this experience to fit your property. :slight_smile: