What does a solid blue ring mean on Floodlight Cam Wired Pro?

I just installed this camera yesterday where I had an existing floodlight. Last night from a distance so as not to trigger the camera, I could see a solid blue ring on this camera. I recently installed same type camera in a different location and have not noticed this solid blue ring.
As an aside, I also noticed for this same camera, the lights kept coming on and there were no notifications received and no recordings to match when the lights popped on.
The RSI is -70 and there had been a little yellow icon on the top right of the floodlight icon in the Setting panel where I would tap on that and it said weak wifi.

I wonder if my issues are all related to weak wifi. I already ordered a wifi extender that I will put close to this camera with expectation it will boost its wifi reception.

Hi @Ringwatcher. The floodlights on your Floodlight Cam Wired Pro are operated by passive infrared heat detection and have a radius of 270 degrees. The camera unit on your Floodlight Cam notifies you of movement within the camera’s field of view and has a range of 140 degrees. As a result, there will be times where something outside the range of the camera activates the lights, so there will not be a recording.

That RSSI is on the high side, so it was a good call to get a wifi extender to help strengthen the connection for your Floodlight Cam. Once you get the wifi extender set up, I’d recommend rebooting the Floodlight Cam as it should not have a blue light on all the time if it has a solid connection.