What device to hear contact chirp tones when to far from Keypad/BaseStation and AC's going?

The house is to noisy with the AC window units. The volume is all the way up on the keypad and the base station. BUT I cannot hear if the door is opened in certain parts of the house at all. Is there a device that I can buy that will play noise no different then the keypad or the base station? I do have notifications on my phone but a door chirps and cameras makes the same noise! Which I want alerts of camera action but sometimes honestly those are more ignored as I am expecting a package but someone opening the door and coming in… I would like to know! I know lock the door but kids need to come in too. So, is there a device to get or it is just get another keypad? I wish ring alarm system and camera system would send different phone notifications but they are all just wrapped under same “ring app” bow. Thank you for your suggestions.

Hi @AmeliaD. Other than buying another Keypad to place in another room to hear the Chirp Tones, you can add an Echo device to play Alarm sounds, which include the chirp tones. This Help Center page will provide you with further information on how to do so. I hope this helps.

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