What are the IP addresses of 'ring'?

I have a secure network, based on a White list,
And I only open the addresses I need,
I would love for you to give me the addresses needed for my ‘ring’ to work properly
My product is ‘Peephole Cam’

Go to your router’s configuration and have a look at the connected devices. You probably want to assign your ring devices static ip’s as well.

I’m afraid you did not understand me,
I need the ‘ring’ server addresses
For security reasons, all web addresses are closed by default, and I only open to specific addresses I trust,
So I need to know which ‘ring’ addresses to use, in order to open them
For my Video Doorbells to work properly
Hopefully now I was clear :slight_smile:

Good luck with that :slight_smile:

I might start by having a look at my router’s log file to see which connections being made.
I might have a look at netstat -a for clues.
I might have a look at wireshark.

Somewhere in the ring help forum they have published a list of the ports they need to work. Perhaps you can work that backwards. OR - maybe ring will simply share your requested info.

I doubt you will get the information you seek on this forum. If you get lucky you might find a knowledgeable person at one of the support phone numbers.

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I will have to work hard …
do you mean that?

Does not appear in the article IP addresses only ports,
Thanks for the encouragement :slight_smile:

Well I probably was speaking with a support guy at ring yesterday who could have answered your question.

OR - do you like to read other people’s code ? You can download the source code (some of it anyway) for free. Search ‘ring source code download’ .

OR - I am not a linux guy - but ring is a linux device. Perhaps there is a simple way to gain access to the file storage on that device and poke around for a config file of sorts. I doubt (hope) ip addresses are not hard coded. They must be read in at runtime.

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