What are the functions of the various alarm alerts?

Hi, there… I just got my first Ring alarm and doorbell, and I’m getting bombarded with so many alerts on my phone and iPad that I can’t keep up.

Within the Ring app, there are a bunch of alert categories, divided into SECURITY and DEVICES, but there’s no description what each one does.

Similarly, on my phone’s notifications, it’s not clear what I can disable and what I shouldn’t. There were four categories:

  • Front Door Ring Alerts
  • Front Door Motion Alerts
  • Ring Alarm
  • Ring Alarm - Alarming

and as I was typing this, another one showed up:

  • NH

I’ve searched the web, Ring’s web site, and this forum, and I can’t find a comprehensive list of the settings and what each one does.

Some are pretty intuitive (to me, at least). For example, “Water Detected”–since I don’t have a sensor for that, I can disable it and not worry. On the other hand, what kind of alerts are enabled by “Battery Backup”? Are these alerts to say that the device is using battery backup? Or will it periodically alert me to say “batter backup is fine”? Is “Entry Delay” to tell me that someone has entered and they’re within the entry delay? Or does it mean that someone has changed the delay period?

My goal is to get push alerts for the things that really matter to me. I don’t need the app to tell me that the alarm was just armed, since I just set it and I know it. However, it would be useful to get an alert to tell me that someone has just disarmed it, in case it wasn’t me. I don’t need an alert on my phone every time a door is opened or closed when the alarm isn’t armed.

Has anyone found a list of the various alarm alert settings so I can figure out what I want and what I don’t? …thanks!

Hi @MikeyInSoCal. You can adjust your notification and alert settings at any time, so don’t be afraid to test things out to determine which notifications you do and don’t want. For Battery Backup and Entry Delay notifications, your first answer was correct to each question. If your Base Station gets unplugged, you’ll be notified that it is now on Battery Backup when you have this alert enabled. If your system is armed, the Entry Delay notification will alert you if the door is opened and the Entry Delay begins counting down.

You can disable Mode Updates, as this notification updates you when the Mode is changed. If you turn this off, then you will not receive alerts for any Mode changes on your Ring Alarm, including if the system is Disarmed.

Separate from the Alarm Alerts settings, you can also enable push notification alerts for specific devices that will send alerts, regardless of whether the system is armed or not. It’s important to note that individual device alert toggles only send push notification alerts. Email alerts should be controlled from the Alarm Alerts settings. Again, these alerts are sent even when your system is disarmed.

Devices that have individual alert settings include Contact Sensors, Motion Detectors, and Locks that are officially supported by Ring. You can choose to enable alerts when motion is detected by the Motion Detector and when the Contact Sensor opens and closes.

These alerts are controlled on the device dashboard, which you can find for each sensor in the Ring app by opening the Menu > tapping Devices > tapping on the Contact Sensor or Motion Detector you want to adjust the alerts for. If you have any Ring Doorbells or Cameras, you’ll need to tap on the Base Station in the Devices list first to view all of your Alarm devices.

I hope you find this information helpful. Again, feel free to do some trial and error with your notification settings and test things out in order to find the combination that suits your preferences best! :slight_smile:

this does not answer what “NH” is. and i dont think that ring knows either

Hi @user12959. Would you mind sharing a screenshot of the “NH” alert setting that you’re seeing in the Ring app? This will give me a better idea of what you’re seeing on your end regarding the notification options you have available. :slight_smile: