Weird yellow recordings at night

Hi, so for years I had a single spotlight cam (wired) covering my driveway and just decided I wanted a wider view so I replaced it with two spotlight came pro (wired) and both of the new cameras are showing very yellow recordings at night. See a picture from one of the new spotlight cam pros. I have tried everything in the settings but it doesn’t seem to change anything and I really don’t want to go to black and white. I would include a picture from the old camera but it says I can only embed one picture. Any ideas? Thanks in advance

Here is the picture from the old camera

Hi @BillinPA. It looks like your Camera in the second image was not activating night vision because the area it is in is well lit. So it was not using night vision or color night vision. Have you tried toggling off color night vision for the new Cameras to see how they look?