Weird Green Orb

Keeps showing up at night…any thoughts?

@Iasunflower wrote:
Keeps showing up at night…any thoughts?

Hi @Iasunflower ,

Most mysterious Orbs are actually bugs at night. They are sometimes attracted by the IR LEDs, that illuminate the area in front of the camera to provide a better Night Vision video, heat from the camera, and even the reflections off your camera’s lens.

Here is a good explanation link:

But generally these Orbs move about. If yours is stationary, then it could be the Night Vision picking up some type of reflection off some surface, causing a “Lens Flare” (some nearby light can cause a reflection in the lens itself). As a matter of fact, I noticed that your picture displays a pretty well lit area, and your camera has not even switched into the Night Mode (because you can still see color instead of the grayish display). Maybe illuminated from a overhead porch light? Try experimenting and turn off the porch light (and other lights) one-by-one and you may solve the mystery that is causing your Orb. Your picture looks more like a “Lens Flare” than bugs, especially if you notice your Orb is always in the same place each night (another link, concerning “Lens Flares”):

I hope this information helps you. I’d be curious to hear what is causing your Orb once you solve it. LOL :slight_smile:

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I am also seeing Orbs on my security camera that I just set up in my living. I’ve uploaded two videos on YouTube of this in hopes of getting some information or knowledge as to why they’re in my house.

Here is the video.

Hi @SeaShell_Shore. Thank you for sharing the video! The orbs that can be seen in your video appear to be dust particles that are floating in the air and the infrared light is reflecting off of them. These are odd, because we can’t see them with our eyes and are only visible when the night vision is activated on your camera. I hope this information helps!

Tom, thank you for your response and sharing your opinion.