Weird Chime Pro connectivity issue

I have a camera that was getting mediocre RSSI readings (gray) on my wifi. Even though the wifi signal at the camera is strong (so RSSI should be good) I decided to get a Chime Pro to give it a better connection. When I check the Chime Pro’s health, it has a green RSSI of 51 which is great. But the camera is just ten feet away from the Chime Pro and the RSSI is just 66 and still gray. There has been no signal improvement despite the fact that there is a range extender ten feet away and the extender a great signal.

Yes, I am sure that the camera is connected to the Chime Pro network. So what is going on here?

First of all, why is the camera’s RSSI still so bad when the Chime Pro is a few feet away with an excellent RSSI?

And second, why does the Chime Pro get such a good signal from my wifi while the camera does not even though it is just a few feet away? They should report very similar RSSI.

Hi @uscpsycho. Distance is not the only thing that can interfere with a device’s signal strength. This Help Center page will inform you of what else can cause interference and also give you other steps to try to help.

None of these things apply to a situation where a range extender has an RSSI of 51 yet another device ten feet away with no obstructions has 66. Anything that would impair the wireless connection to the camera would IDENTICALLY affect the wireless connection to the extender. And in addition, if the camera is actually connected to the range extender the RSSI would be extremely low if it is ten feet away.

And if the camera is connected to the router rather than the extender, then the signal strength for both should be identical.

The logical answer to this question is that the wireless performance of the Spotlight Cam Plus is significantly inferior to the much smaller, cheaper Chime Pro.