Weight needed for camera base

Camera and base is so light that it’s hard to stabilize. I don’t want to wall mount. I Read a similar complaint but didn’t see a suggestion to remedy. Ideas welcomed!

Given the rather light weight of the indoor cameras and any type of cord length can make having a self standing camera a bit difficult. A simple weighted base, larger base plate attachment, or “legs” , that allow for increase in surface area/lower center of gravity to prevent tipping would be simple accessory. It would allow the camera to be standing yet not require any additional mounting/attachments especially if placing the camera above the cord where the cord weight will want to pull it down.

Hi user62828,

I had the same issue. I solved it by buying a round 1 3/4" magnetic base plate and sticking it to the camera base with 2-sided tape. It doesn’t look too bad. You could also glue it to the camera base. I use the magnetic base to stick it to a metal light fixture so I didn’t have to poke holes anywhere. You can get a round magnet at Amazon or most home improvement stores. The magnetic base is heavy enough to just set it on a shelf or somewhere else as you like.

Good Luck!

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