Weekly safety report

How do I turn off the weekly safety report push notification on my iphone? I can’t find the setting anywhere on the app. I dont want to turn off the push notification for the app from the phone setting because I still want to get notifications from the cameras, I just do not want the weekly safety report notification


Hi @MochiMochi. At this time, there is not an option to disable the Safety Report on the iOS platform, only on Android. If you go into your notification/alert settings within the Android version, you will see the option to disable this as shown in the attached screenshot here. Other neighbors have shared some feedback on this feature in a similar thread here, so we’ve made sure to pass it onto the appropriate team. :slight_smile:

Any updates on this? I am still getting the weekly safety report on my iphone. i know a lot of people are asking the same. Why are we being FORCED to receive these reports on OUR phone???


How do we turn these safety reports off? It’s been months and Ring is still forcing these on us? And why only force it on iOS users?

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Allow us to turn these off this is an issue you’ve got plenty of feedback on and is now a nuisance. I’m considering trashing this entire system over this.

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Strong agree with the others here; it may seem like a small thing, but I want to trust that my notifications are relevant to me, and the Ring neighborhood features are probably going to be what drives me away from your product. Every time I get one of these, I spend a bit of time researching other security options. Eventually I’ll get tired of them and switch.

I HATE the weekly safety report on my Apple phone. I specifically turned this off years ago and for some reason you decided to bring them back & force me to look at it.

I agree with other posters: this may drive me away from your service. Why did you change this and why are you forcing me to look at it without the option to turn it off? You’ve had plenty of feedback now to fix this