Wedge mount upside down

The heighth location of my doorbell is kind of low and doesn’t get the upper part of the person.
Would be useless if I can’t see the head of the person. The wedge kit typically is used when it’s on a higher location pointing downward. Can it be the mount be installed on the wall upside down so it angles the camera at an upward angle so I can capture the upper part better? Will the camera be mounted upside down if I do this and cause other issues? Or can the mount be install on the wall upside down and have the ring attached right side up?

Hi @Ghosstryda. I wouldn’t recommend this. Adjusting the angle up could adversely affect the way your doorbell detects motion. I would try one of our No Drill Mounts to get this placed at the proper height. I hope this helps!

I understand the potential inverse effects, but I have a ring door at the bottom of my basement entrance. I’d like for the doorbell to catch motion as soon as someone starts walking down the steps. Could this justify installing a wedge mount upside down?

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Glad you asked, @StarLord2020. Depending on the model of Ring Doorbell you have, here is a general visual of how these devices detect motion. It might be possible for you to angle upwards and catch visitors as they approach the stairs, however, this may require some trial and error. Keep in mind that, while our Doorbells are weather resistant, this resistance is dependent on mounting in ways that are intended. To avoid any damage to your device, this unique solution would be best attempted if the area is covered. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

I have the same issue. My wired doorbell was mounted low and facing sideways. When the video pro doorbell was installed, I had to get a couple of angled wedges to pan it to the right a bit, but I am noticing that I can’t see people’s faces sometimes, particularly if they stand a bit closer to the door. Wouldn’t an additional 5 degree vertical wedge allow a slight tilt upwards to see the faces of people ringing my doorbell?

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