Wedge Kit and No-drill mount

I currently have my Ring Doorbell 4 mounted to the no-drill mount as I did not wish to drill into my upvc door frame.

I need to angle the camera down slightly as it currently takes in too much sky. The thing is, can I mount the wedge kit to the no-drill mount and then attach the bell to the wedge. The pictures for the wedge kit are singularly unhelpful as are the instructions!

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

@Oger Never tried it but I suspect not. Usually there would be longer screws that go right through but I haven’t seen one of the no drill mounts in person. You could use very strong super glue. Glue the wedge onto the no drill mount. Need someone to confirm the no drill mount and the wedge actually fit together properly though.

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Thank you. I hope somebody in Support will shed some light.

Good question, @Oger! This will depend on which model of Video Doorbell / No Drill Mount you have. For the Video Doorbell (2020 Release) No Drill Mount, you cannot combine wedge kits, corner kits, or a solar charging bracket.

If you have this No Drill Mount for the latest Doorbell models, you can indeed use 1 Wedge Kit or 1 Corner Kit (not the solar charger). When installing a No Drill Mount and a Wedge/ Corner Kit piece, please mount the No Drill Mount first, then the Wedge or Corner kit. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Hi - does this mean you can only use the no drill stick up plate and the doorbell - it is not possible to angle it at all? Thought I had read that the corner kit was compatible with the stick up mount but cannot fathom out how it could possibly work.