Web GUI (My Dashboard) no long works with Firefox

Using version 103.0.1 of Firefox, Edge works fine. If I go to the Ring site it loads just fine. When I press “My Dashboard” it looks like the ring alarm is connecting, but then the page displays “Oops! Something went wrong there. Sorry about that. Please try again”. Trying again does nothing.

I have tried firefox in a new private window. I have tried firefox in troubleshoot mode. I have cleared all the data (clear data) and history. I have waited a day. I have rebooted my PC.

As I said earlier, Edge works fine.

In case anyone finds this, the fix was to create a new firefox profile. Something in the old profile must have gotten corrupted.


Hi @kewolfe. Thank you for sharing what worked for you, and I’m glad you can access Ring.com on Firefox now. :slight_smile: