Weak Zwave signal Even with multiple range extenders

Hey Folks, one of my contact sensors randomly reports a weak signal to my base station almost everyday. What I find strange is that this sensor has a range extender approx 4 feet away in direct sight. How can the signal be weak? About 25 feet away is another range extender again in direct sight and then another 10 feet is the Base station. Whats really frustarting is that in the ring app you have no idea what device is connected to a range extender or which is connected to the base station nor can you force a device to choose the extender rather than base. On top of all this there is no info in the app regarding zwave signal strenght values in db. How anyone can set these devices up optimaly without this info is baffling to me.

If anyone can offer any advice or tips, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

I agree, the range extenders are the weak link in the ring alarm system. I have two locations and have the same issues. I have 2 extenders in one and 3 extenders in the other. There are no diagnostics to help you, and I think the extenders have weak signals. I have found interesting things. In some cases moving the range extender from the bottom plug hanging down to the top plug pointing up makes a difference. Moving to another plug a few feet away can also make a difference. And when you set up, it can take some time for the devices to “find” the strongest signal. And they seem to switch, the weak signal icon can come and go. Not much help, but confirming the issue.

Hi neighbors! Glad to see you’re providing each other with helpful suggestions as the Community is for neighbor-to-neighbor interaction. If this concern does persist though, our support team is available to assist further with any in-depth troubleshooting concerns. In the case of a persistent weak signal on any of your devices, I would definitely recommend touching base with our support team so they can help troubleshoot with you in real-time and narrow down what might be causing this. You can give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. :slight_smile: