Weak WiFi signal but I have two boosters


This is my current reading on my doorbell. I have two Virgin media WiFi boosters between rooms to help the signal
Yet, the rssi has not changed even by 1! I don’t understand why it hasn’t improved even by 1% and don’t no what else I can do?

I’m in a situation where the WiFi box is two rooms over in the bedroom but I cannot change where the connection for the WiFi is.
With there’s boosters it’s supposed to help?

Any idea what else I can do or if it’s the doorbell itself?

Hi @Danzi. Does your wifi extender have a separate network name and/or password associated with it? If so, you would need to follow the steps under Change Wi-Fi Network in order to connect your Ring Doorbell to one of the wifi extenders. If they do not have their own network name and/or password, I’d suggest following up with your internet service provider to see if there’s something that needs to be configured on the router to have the wifi extenders working properly.