We need to push for Loss internet connection alert

We need to all push for an app update that lets you know if your Device has lost Internet connection the same way we get an alert that our devices battery is almost dead. If power goes out then the Internet goes out and if the Internet goes out no camera no camera higher risk I have not catching something you need to have on film.
A simple update that would send text message email or an app alert to let you know your device has lost its Internet connection it would be extremely helpful update for all of us. Very simple for them to do as well. Think hard about this. :bulb::brain:

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The reason I created this topic is because a friend of mine who was living in an apartment in a private house. He was unaware that the disconnect for the power only for his apartment was in the backyard of the house. The owner was away on vacation and my friend was at work. Someone walked into the backyard off camera and switched the disconnect off and got in to the side door where he had his ring set up. He lost about $3000 in jewelry and a small safe was taken out of his house. The person actually turned the power back on when he left. Not be be seen on camera at all. After my friend had the cops there and mad a report he called me to tell me about it I got in my car and went right to his house. We sat there trying to figure it out then it just popped in my head…. I asked him where the panel which was inside then we walked out to the meter and sure enough right under the meter for the electrical for only his apartment was a disconnect switch to kill the panel in his apartment. No lock on it. That’s why that update would work wonders. On the bright side they caught the guy because of 3 other neighbors ring devices walking with a safe in his hands.

So sorry to hear of this happening to your friend, @Wbee82! I appreciate you sharing this experience with us, and will be sure to share this with our teams here. We greatly value our neighbors’ feedback, and like to continuously share it with our teams here as they constantly work to add to and improve on Ring devices and features.

Depending on Ring device type, an offline event could show up differently in the Ring app. For Video Doorbells, checking the device health section of your Ring app for the connection status, or attempting a live view when unsure, will be the best method to confirm this power status.

Other Ring devices, such as the Ring Alarm system, might feature additional options like battery or cellular backup, which will inform you if the system has fallen offline.

As we always value our neighbors’ feedback, feel free to add this request on our Feature Request Board. This way other neighbors can share their interest in one place, that we can organize and share with our teams here. :slight_smile:

Totally agree. It can’t possibly be that difficult to push an alert when a device is not responding due to loss of internet.