Ways to ensure doorbell notification is not delayed

I have the peephole cam and doorbell notifications are generally pretty instantaneous. But sometimes, after a period of no activity, when someone rings the doorbell, there is a delay in getting notifications by at least 5 seconds. Is there any way to minimize this from happening? Like router settings? My connection is usually pretty good (-45 range). I have the ring chime and the delay in notification is the same as my phone’s. It’s like as if the actual doorbell was in sleep mode and needed to wake up. I’m currently using a tablet as my doorbell monitor (dedicated device that launch live view when door bell is triggered). I have optimized the tablet in such a way that there is no lag. The only lag I experience now is the actual doorbell. Please provide suggestions (router settings, etc) to improve speed of notifications.


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I am having the same delay between ringing the door bell and notifications. How do I check my signal strength?

Hi @Pramicl3. You can find your devices signal strength, or RSSI, under the Device Health tile in the Ring app. I hope this helps!