Way to have stick up cam (indoors) not record or send notices when in home mode but when away?

I have a couple stick up cams inside. I would like them to not record or send notices of movement when I have ring alarm set to home or disarmed, but to do so when alarm is in away mode.

The only way I have figured out to have that happen now is to manually turn off movement and recording on each cam separately, and then when I leave the house and put the alarm in away mode also go back to each cam in the app and turn movement and recording back on.

Is there an easier way?

Hi @deblaw223. I’m glad you brought this up! We have a feature that is slowly being rolled out to all our neighbors that you should get in the near future. This feature is called Modes, and you can read more about it in our Ring Help Center Article here.

My ring app has modes, but the cameras are not affected by it–just sensors (motion sensors and contact sensors)

I don’t see any options for cameras either. I have the Ring Alarm, Ring Bridge and a few cameras. The app only allows me to bypass sensors.

Hey neighbors! As stated, our new Modes feature is a slow rollout. If you do not have it yet, you will have it shortly. With the Ring Alarm Home Security System, you will still see an option for Modes under settings, but it will be specific to your alarm. You will see this change in the near future when the update for Modes is available to you. Thank you again for your patience in the meanwhile!

I have the modes feature, but it doesn’t help with my issue.

I still I have to go into the app and manually set the cams to sense motion and record when I acticate away mode. Othewise, they will sense motion and record in home mode which I don’t want them to do.

Hello Chelsea, I do have Modes as an option under settings. However it only gives me the option to monitor (or not monitor) all the sensors that I have on my alarm. There is no option to disable cameras.

Does anyone know if the Ring app currently allows the Alarm to turn an inside cam on and off automatically? We would really like to come home, set the alarm off and have our inside family room cam turned off automatically. I know we can do this manually, but then we have to remember to turn it back on. We’ve placed a cover over the camera, but forget to take that off also when we leave.

This article says its possible…https://www.pcmag.com/news/ring-cameras-will-shut-off-recording-when-youre-at-home

Anyone know anything about this? Thanks.

Thanks Chelsea_Ring…that answers my question and sounds like it would provide the solution. Can you provide an approximate timeframe as opposed to “near future”?

Hey neighbors! We’re excited to bring this new element to all of our neighbors by the end of 2020 and value your patience while you wait for the update. There is no specific date at this time other than we’ve been promised it’ll be before the end of this year. Please make sure to always keep your Ring app up to date, continue to keep us in the know when you receive this feature, and we look forward to hearing your feedback!