Water Sesnor not announcing leak on base or keyoads

Hi. I have ring alarm and a ring water leak detector. When I get a leak I get a push notification and a phone call but the ring base station and my ring keypads don’t announce the leak even through the option is checked in the sensor setting to do so and the volume on both keypads and base are set to full. Please help!

We’re happy to help, @myfriendscallmezee! It looks like you are doing everything correctly for this to work as intended. The Flood/ Freeze sensor is certainly capable of chirps, notifications, and even phone call response when professionally monitored. Check out our Help Center article for steps on setting up these chirps. Great job checking the volume for Chirps! Please also remember to select a Chirp tone or option. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Thanks Marley. All my setting matched exactly what you’ve outlined. I unchecked and then re-checked and saved and now the base is saying “water detected” as it should but the keyapads are still not saying anything. I always got the call and push notification on my phone and those still work. Any idea why the keypads aren’t talking?

My apologies, @myfriendscallmezee! The Keypad actually does not sound this audible sound. For the Flood/ Freeze Sensor “water detected alerts”, these only play from the Base Station at this time.

I have, however, shared your experience and feedback with our teams here for consideration! Feel free to also add this request on our Feature Request Board. :slight_smile:

Thank you. At minimum maybe add something in the “Select Chrirp Tone” settings area of the sensor that says “please note the spoken alert does not sound on the keypads”. Saying… “your ring alarm basestation AND keypads will sound this tone when the sensor is triggered” right at the top of the setting screen is very misleading and led to both of us wasting our time figuring this out. Thanks again.

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