Water sensor waterproof?

It’s super early in the morning here and i cant seem to find my answer. We are currently having a flood in my area. My basement gets water in it sometimes so I’m looking at grabbing a few of these sensors to add to my syatem. I’m wondering however, if these are truly waterproof, one of the areas i want to put it in, the device would definitely be submerged before i could get to it and i dont feel like having to switch out sensors all the time. Thanks guys!

Hey @Maethridge. While the device is engineered to be air-tight, it is not meant to be submerged under water during normal operation. My best recommendation is to mount up the Flood/Freeze Sensor on the wall near the floor, maybe up an inch or so, so you can still get to the sensor before the water rises and it’s submerged. Additionally, you could still put it on the ground, but still somewhere accessible so you could “save it” from being submerged once you get the notification that water was detected. Hope this helps!