Watched motion and now it's missing

I watched a Motion video on Ring Doorbell and now it’s totally gone but the one right before it and immediately after it are there. Any ideas ? I need that footage. I feel like it was removed by the person but not sure if that’s possible for a stranger to do.

Hey @JRacct. It is not possible for anyone outside of a shared user or owner to retrieve and delete your videos. If you have any shared users listed under Settings > Users, I would recommend asking them if they may have accidentally deleted the video. Also when you were watching the motion event happen, was it true a Live View? Please note that you can start a Live View call at any time, but you must press the green phone icon on the screen to “answer the call” and therefore initiate the Doorbell to record.

This may have been a missed step as well, which is why the video is not in your storage, even through you watched it live. Please note that answering a notification for a motion event is different than this alternative of initiating the Live View yourself, as answering a motion event, even without accepting the call, means it was already recording for motion.

Thanks for the info. It was not a live video but Motion. I don’t have any shared users either so I’m not sure why the footage is gone. It’s just odd because I watched it several times, someone opened my screen door so it set it off and I watched it that night and the next day there was a gap in time where it used to be which just has me scratching my head. I’ve never had this happen.
I do appreciate this info though !

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@JRacct Not a problem at all! Definitely is a little odd, so if it does happen again for you, please reach out to our support team here. :slight_smile: