Washed out picture

I have the Ring Door view Cam(Peephole Cam) anything beyond the porch is completely washed out. Would be nice if I could tap the screen to set the focal point. The HDR setting doesn’t really do anything noticeable during daytime and it does not play well with my yellow porch light at night. A bit annoying to turn HDR on during the day and off again at night. I end up not using the HDR setting. Anyway to fix the washed out picture?

Thanks for the photos! With the overhang, this does appear to be normal video quality. Do you happen to have a Wedge Kit installed? Also, we appreciate the feedback in regards to turning on and off HDR. Perhaps a timer, similar to the motion schedule, would be beneficial. We’ll be sure to pass that information along to the team!

No I don’t have the Wedge Kit, not sure if it would help. Is it mentioned anywhere that yellow bulds effect the HDR at night? I would’ve bought Dusk To Dawn White Light Bulbs instead. Which Amazon Dusk to Dawn Sensor Light Buld would be suitiable for Ring at night, Daylight or Soft White? A timer woulld be useful for the yellow bulbs, I’ll try the white not sure if I’ll like them.

Just double checking…there isn’t any plastic film over the lens :slight_smile:

No, no film over the lens :slight_smile: Is the Wedge Kit compatible with the Peep Hole Cam?

Good question @John3! There is no wedge kit for the Peephole Cam, as the field of view and point of focus is based on its mounting height on a door. A device that sits higher up to allow a more human point of view from the doorway might actually improve your view given the light exposure in the area. Let us know how it goes! :slight_smile:

I have the same problem with the Ring Stick Up Cam Wired in the UK. Whenever the sun is shining brightly, everything not in shadow is overexposed. The camera itself is mounted out of direct sunlight but under the eaves of the roof in a sheltered location.

I have a Ring Doorbell 2 which has the HDR option and this works well to make the images much clearer when it is sunny.

Why can’t the same update be applied to the wired Ring cams? Is it because the output videos would be larger with HDR enabled, and Ring are not prepared to invest in more cloud storage to accomodate the filesize increases?

Hi @Labrajaws - this does sound like expected behavior. Do you want to share a photo with us? Also, is the Cam and Doorbell installed in the same area?

I have the same issue with my doorbell. I’ve attached a screenshot and views of my installation. Any assistance would be appreciate

Any chance of an future update to select the cameras focal point?

I too have the same problem with the washed out picture beyond the front porch. Since this is a known problem perhaps it should be mentioned on the box so people can be well informed of what they are buying. With all of the commericals showing clear pictures well beyond the front of your house people are expecting more.


Ditto, I have same issue with my driveway battery operated stickup cam. All others are fine… ???

I, too, have the same issue. Anything past 3 feet is totally washed out when it’s sunny. My grass is just a few feet away from my door, and you can’t even see that it’s green! Just white and washed out. What’s the fix, Ring?

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I have exactly the same issue. Video is totally washed past 3 feet. What is this HDR? I don’t see it anywhere.

Same here.
Doorbell in shade, any sunlight at all washes out the camera.

Ring are aware of the problem and need to implement HDR on the stick up cam to fix this issue. The Ring Doorbell 2 has HDR enabled and can easily cope with bright sunlight and shade in the same image.

same with mine. It looks fine when I first access the video feed but then washes out to complete white

Hi neighbors! The image example in the thread looks like direct sunlight. In an environment where direct sunlight on the lens occurs, or if there is an enclosed / covered entryway, the sunlight can certainly cause the lens to adjust depending on area lighting. If it is too bright for the lens to adjust beyond a certain threshold, see if the Ring device can be mounted beyond the entryway, or angled to not face the sunlight, if possible. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Same here… my ring worked fine for about 6 months and then went to a washed out image. So, Ring team, you cannot tell me that it’s a problem with location… it’s a problem with the product. Companies don’t make electronics to last, how would they make money? Shame on me.

Here is an interesting test I did with the Ring video doorbell 3 plus.

I went Live with the Ring looking West in mid-morning. I’m in Southern California. The same very over exposed white picture. Then I took tiny piece of black tape and put it over the light sensor at bottom left left of the camera. The picture went black and white with better exposure. Then I pulled off the tape quickly. I saw a beautiful color picture not washed out. After 2 tenths of a second the picture went right back to the over exposed picture as before.

I thought that was very revealing ! The fix can be done. I called Ring today to explain what I did. All support can do is write down what I said. He said he has , and will pass it on to management. I hope he does.


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