Washed out picture

I’m also having an issue with a washed out image. When I view the recording, it goes quickly from a viewable image to a bright white washed out image with no detail. Is there any way to keep it at the image when the picture first starts?

Ring - initial image.jpg

Ring - regular image - washed out.PNG.jpg

Hey @Todd_B5. From the pictures it seems like you may need to look into installing a Wedge Kit or possibly a Corner Kit. You can find them in our accessories page here. Being able to angle your Doorbell more to the right or even downward will take the center focus away from the bright sky that is washing out your Doorbell since it’s enclosed with darkened brick around it.

My best recommendation is to buy it from us at Ring or Amazon as we both offer 30-day refunds if you are not happy with the product or it doesn’t help, and you wish to return it.

I’ve installed multiple wedges and a top cover. There is no change in the awful quality of the picture. It is worthless as a security tool and was a total waste of money.

Neither the wedge or the corner kit did anything except cost me more money. This is a defect in the product and it looks like I’ll have to purchase a different video doorbell. The Ring is completely ineffective for security.

Hey neighbors! Thank you for taking the time to detail how installing a corner or a wedge kit has gone to see if this has helped your picture quality. I do apologize that you have not found relief in this, but I am happy to pass on your feedback to the appropriate teams for you so we can look into making improvements in the future. If you have any additional details you would like me to pass on, as well as pictures showcasing this washed out look after installing a corner or wedge kit, please feel free to let me know.

Here is an example. You can’t see anything past the porch and the sun is on the side of the home, not the front.

@Todd_B5 Thank you so much for that picture! It does seem that since your porch is very enclosed which is why this is happening in the first place. I was hoping that the kit may help with this concern by giving a better view, away from the wall to the left. My apologises again that the background is still very bright and washed out for you. This is because of the contrast from the bright and sunny background and your enclosed, dark brick porch. One last suggestion is to turn on the HDR feature for the device, to see if it helps and if your device has it. What Doorbell is this on? You can see how to turn on the HDR feature here.