Need help. Bought over $1k worth of cameras in 2020 when we moved into a new house. Bought monitored service with the extended warranty. Had a camera go bad about 2 yrs ago and it was replaced without issue. Just had ANOTHER camera go bad. Tried to call for a replacement and I was told my service plan was not covering the devices because of a lapse. Appears the lapse was a few months ago when my credit card was stolen and billing attempts failed for 21 days. I fixed the card issue and thought everything was fine. When I login to the dashboard it says I have my plan and that all my devices are covered. Phone support said no. They said my lapse of 21 days was a lapse even though they have been paid every month since Summer 2020. WTF. Credit card goes bad and now all my equipment is out of warranty? This feels like a scam given that the plan never went 30 days without being paid. Can someone please help with actual customer service?

Oh and the emails they sent saying the CC was expired ALL went to SPAM. No app warning, no texts, no phone calls. Just spam emails.

Hi @Roblender. We don’t have access to account or device information on the Ring Community, as this is a public forum. Only a member of our support team can review your account and plan information to advise you of your warranty coverage. However, I can provide general information regarding the Ring Protect plan and how the extended warranty works.

Ring devices have a standard 1 year warranty. In order to receive the extended warranty coverage provided by the Ring Protect Plus plan, you must subscribe to the plan prior to that 1 year warranty expiring. The subscription must continue to be active for the extended warranty. If the subscription lapses, then those devices no longer have the extended warranty, as the standard 1 year warranty has already expired.