WARNING: Sensor Firmware Issue: Check for Sensors Missing From Your System

This weekend while letting our dog out I noticed that I didn’t get a tone when opening our back sliding door. After some investigation I found that sensor was missing from my devices list and all alarm history for it was missing from the list . I contacted support and found that there is a known issue with the sensors disappearing from the system due to firmware not updating. Someone could have walked into our backdoor with the system armed and we wouldn’t have been the wiser. I have submitted a feature request for an email anytime a sensor is removed from the system.

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Hi @kojak30 , I completely understand your concern and see how this measure is important for your safety. There are certainly push notifications and email alerts available for when an Alarm device reports offline, but not for removal as this should only be possible by the owner through the app.

While you’ve already contacted support, we recommend reaching out to the team one more time so they can look deeper into this situation for you and ensure it does not happen again in the future.

“Should only be possible by the owner through the app”

This statement is exactly why I am so concerned. Somehow my account was altered without my knowledge. My Livingroom Left and Right windows were both named Livingroom Left window as well. It shouldn’t be possible to have two of the same name. Basically anytime anything is altered an email should be generated at least letting the owner know they should look into it but ideally have details telling what was changed.

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