Warning about Ring Protect Plans

Warning about upgrading to Ring Protect Plan.

I wanted to post a warning and a disappointment. I have a Ring Series 2. The product is fine and working. However when the initial trial protect plan expired I was away from home. I signed up for the one year protect plan. Immediately the device stopped working. I called support and the only thing they said was to go to the device and reset it. I am not there and won’t be for a while. No where in the sign-up did it say that you need to be at home on sign-up to reset the device. So now I am completely off-line. What is even worse is that every ten minutes I am receiving a notice of movement as the system seems to be repeating the last notice from 2 days ago over and over. I have now have to shut the notifications down so I have a completely useless product product and have paid for a protect plan that I can not use. Really not a good feature. A warning needs to be posted immediately so that others do not have the same product.


Thanks the warning. I was just about to subscribe to the Ring security plan but I am traveling. Will now wait until I can access my Ring doorbell. DAVE

Did you subscribe before or after trial ends?
I’ve already subscribed and i hope the migration to be flawless the day it will expire. I can se no more the trial end alert on the different apps. May be that ptoblem surge only if you let trial expire and only subscribe after…

I subscribed before my trial ended. I had no issues either. The day it went from basic to pro was either the same day or the next. I didn’t have to reset or do anything. That was my experience at least.

I too had the same problem. I just bought the Ring Video Doorbell 3 with Echo Show 5 in October on Prime Day 2020. Once the trial expired, the live connection will not connect (day & night). It worked just fine during the free initial trial period. That tells me that Ring is trying to get you to subscribe and will make it hard on you if you aren’t a subscriber. Its awful and I don’t recommend any of the Ring products.

I too bought the ring 3 around Thanksgiving. After the 30 day trial period, the device would go off on motion about 100 times an hour. After calling ring and upgrading to the next level of support, they replaced the unit. The second unit did the exact same thing. The day the 30 day trial ended, the live view quit working, the motion detection didn’t work but I received the annoying sound on my phone continuously. I called Ring and went through their same by the book procedures in resetting and nothing. The lady told me it was my internet with packet losses. Since I do this for a living, I knew she was wrong. After telling them what was the issue, her supervisor gave me a 7 day trial period. Miraculously, the device starting working again and no motion detection every 2 seconds. It’s working fine right now. I told her great, I don’t want your recording plan. I just want what ring promises without the plan which is motion and the live view. She told me the only way to probably keep that is to buy a plan.

Follow up: I received the 7 day trial and the minute it expired my phone started blowing up again. I called again and was told again there was motion at my front door…there wasn’t. It went off 102 times in under 30 minutes. The support lady kept asking me if the noise going off was my doorbell and wanted me to go through their process again. I asked three times to transfer me to a supervisor who wouldn’t come on the phone. The support lady told me they applied another 7 day trial and I would have to purchase a plan if I wanted the constant announcements to stop. She admitted to me that I needed to buy a plan for it to work correctly. Wow…not false advertising at all on Ring’s part.

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I am having the same issue!!

Is it me or as soon as the Free trial expires the ring door bell expires with it too. I can’t see video like I use to when the trial was on but as soon it expires so does my live feed. What’s going on. Is this part of a scam to make you pay for a service

Hi there, neighbors! The Protect Plan subscriptions and free trial do not impact your devices live view ability. Often times, when subscribed or in free trial period, neighbors might not notice when they answer an event after the notification times out or video is already recorded. These moments are, however, crucial when you are not subscribed.

When an event occurs, answering the notification immediately will help to ensure the video is caught. If not, triggering live view from the Ring app manually is a great alternative. For this same reason, wifi signal strength is most important for live features and may need to be optimized if video is not connecting. Feel free to check out our Community post about RSSI and this one for Live View troubleshooting steps.

I recommend also trying out the Rapid Ring app, as it is designed specifically for the quickest access to live view. Please ensure there is not a vpn enabled on your mobile device. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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Very disappointed with ring doorbell at door bell I am pulling 159mbps down and 130 mbps up rssi is -62 no problems with conductivity in my home I install and maintain internet for a living. That being said everything worked perfectly until free trial was over now you can not manually look as live view if doorbell is rung you can not see or talk to person either through notification alerts or by opening app and clicking live view to do it manually just keep getting connection error message. Information provided by company in comment above state it should be working but recordings won’t be saved which is expected. With this many people having same issue after free trial is over this is obviously a scam to get you to pay for recordings which I planned on doing just didn’t before free trial was over as I have other cameras covering same area now seeing so many people they did this too I don’t think I will be doing now and think we all should contact the better Better business bureau this is not ok I don’t need the video for real but it is nice mainly bought cause my house didn’t have a doorbell but as I said I have front covered already with cameras this is not ok to do to customers ring

Not true mine is doing the same thing. It’s an obvious that you are trying to get you customers to purchase monthly a" Protection Plan" . Bad business practice there are to many alternatives. Very disappointed.

Same problem with mine it’s obvious they are trying to force you into a monthly “Protection Plan”. I will start looking for other look alternatives. Very disappointing.

I figured it out out the problem … you have to re set up your camera. After taking off cover and holding set up button to put in set up mode and reset up doorbell it has been working fine. It did take an update and has been working fine afterwards… never mind it only worked for about 10 min then went back to same as soon as I made this post.