Want to upgrade subscription but charging full price

I’m trying to upgrade to protect plus from the basic I purchased in December but it wants me to pay 80 without removing what I have already paid. Is this correct? If so I will wait a year.

This happened to me. I got charged twice. Ring does not do anything about it

Hi all, i have the basic subscription as i had one camera, now i have bought another camera i have to pay £80 for subscription to use 2 cameras. But as iv paid the basic subscription do they charge me the full £80 even ylthough iv paid the basic subscription or do they take off the basic payment off the £80 subscription? If they dont then im dumping ring.com.

Hi neighbors, I’m happy to clarify here. The Ring Protect Basic and Plus plans are two separate plans. If you are subscribed to the Basic plan and want to change to the Plus plan instead, you will need to cancel your Basic plan and then subscribe to the Plus plan. When you cancel a plan, you will receive a prorated refund for the unused portion of time.

Ensure you download any videos you want to keep before canceling your plan, as all videos will be deleted. If you need any further assistance with managing your Ring Protect plan, please reach out to our support team.

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