Want to switch from cellular signal to wifi

New to this world as I just installed my Ring system today and although I attempted to prepare myself by reading all instructions and watching a couple youtube videos, it seems I’m still connected to AT&T cellular network and not my previously existing Eero 6 wifi network. How do I switch my connection from cellular signal to wifi? And can I do that without disrupting my existing wifi network?

Is it a Ring Alarm Pro or regular Ring Alarm?

For the latter, you can either hook it up via ethernet to an Eero, or have it join your WiFi network. It should then show properly there and you may be able to troubleshoot with Eero if it can’t connect to the internet. Do you have Eero Secure turned on? WPA3?

If it’s the former, Ring Alarm Pro has a built-in Eero 6 router and wants to be the primary one. You would need to connect your internet modem/router to it in order for it to be able to give you internet backup as well as Eero secure features. The other Eero would then become nodes.

Hope this helps.