want to face a ring camera with solar at a series of tennis courts

i want to point a camera at 3 tennis courts for the community. i can pull wifi from the community center which has wifi nearby. is it possible to setup a generic email account for the community that i add to the primary ring account for the camera(s).

then the people in the community login to ring on their phone with this generic email and see the camera. i think this is possible but the big question is…

how many people can log into the ring app with the SAME email address simuntaneously.

people want to see others playing, weather at the courts, if a court is available before they walk over. etc. we are talking 50 people wanting access to what the camera sees.


Hi @mhamlett101. Given that Ring uses Two-Step Verification upon login, this likely would not be possible unless each user had access to the email address or phone number associated with the Ring account. What may work better is to set it up under this main email address, and then add each resident as a Shared User via their own email address and Ring account. This would allow them to access the Live View to see if a court is available without giving each resident access to the settings on the Camera itself. I hope that helps! :slight_smile:

thats what i wanted to know.

i think adding people as shared users is going to be more labor intensive that we want to do, plus keeping up with those moving out and moving in.