Want to automatically lock doors when Ring Alarm is armed (Stay or Away)

I have recently installed Ring Alarm and replaced one of my electronic deadbolts with a Z-Wave model supported by Ring Alarm. The integration of the new deadbolt into Ring Alarm was an easy and uneventful process.

I see there is functionality to Arm/Disarm Ring Alarm by using the electronic deadbolt, but the functionality I am looking for is to automatically ensure all doors are locked whenever I Arm the Ring Alarm. I have had ADT and XFinity Home alarm systems, both of which offered this functionality; I am disappointed Ring Alarm does not appear to offer this setting.

I have already checked IFTTT to see if it would be possible to setup a work-around, but Ring Alarm hooks are basically non-existent in IFTTT.

Any suggestions from the community (or more desirable, the addition of this functionality by Ring) would be welcome!

Hi @HumesRW! You’ll be happy to see this is indeed possible, and it sounds like you are doing everything correctly to obtain this integration. As long as the lock used is compatible, successfully setup, and your Ring app is up to date, you should be able to arm/ disarm via your lock.

Check out our help center article for more information and the steps for achieving this functionality. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

This IS NOT the solution I am looking for. I want the Alarm to initiate the locking of the doors, NOT the locks to arm/disarm the alarm.

At this time the smart lock integration can be used to arm/ disarm the Alarm system, however, the Alarm changing and armed status will not unlock your locks. Similar to how, if multiple locks exist in one home, using the pin code to unlock a lock and disarm the Alarm system will not also unlock all of the other locks on site.

As we value our neighbors’ feedback, we’ve created a Feature Request board. Feel free to add this and any future feature requests there. This will help us to organize and share your requests with our teams here, as well as allow other neighbors to comment and add interest, all in one place. :slight_smile:

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If you have Alexa, you can set up a Routine so that when you arm Ring (Home mode, or Away mode), Alexa can lock the door for you automatically when armed. I wanted the same feature, and figured there must be a way. Finally figured out that this would work. The best part is that it doesn’t matter how I arm the alarm system (Ring app, using Alexa, or Ring keypad), Alexa recognizes the system was armed and locks the door if it isn’t locked already.


Marley… you misread the first message, and then when question was repeated about locking the door, and you responded about unlocking the doors. Please slow down when reading customer requests/concerns.

ScottyB107 - thank you for that tip as I just added it. I don’t see why this can’t be added to the Ring app, but at least thee is a work around with a Routine.

For anyone else who finds this post, here is the actual settings for the Alexa Routine I created:

  1. Name - whatever you want.
  2. When this happens - Select Smart Home, select Ring Alarm, Select Armed Away or Armed Stay (in my case as setting it to Away seemed dumb because I might be trying to leave through the front door).
  3. Add action - Select Smart Home, select All Devices, Select your lock by its name (it auto chooses to lock the lock).
    Save and you should be done.

Do not use the Alexa Guard mode detection for “When this happens” because both Disarmed and Home Stay in the Ring security system are considered “Home” in Alexa Guard. I.E. It can’t tell the difference and setting your system to Home Stay at night won’t cause a change.


Thanks for the tip with Alexa. I’m surprised this isn’t native ring functionality (I am coming from an Arlo/Smart Things setup), but I’m glad there is a work around. Cheers!

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In a perfect scenario, the door has door sensor, with Ring compatible smart lock such as Yale. When switching to away or alarmed, Ring checks door sensor, then lock the door if the door is closed. Otherwise it should alarm the user the door is open.

In a real world scenario, not all ring alarm equips with both door sensor and smart lock at the same time. So I guess this is why it was not integrated.

However, Ring alarm still misses lots of features when it acts as a hub. It it supports some functions that Smartthings provides, this could be easily customized by setting some rules.

I wonder if Alexa routines would do it.

I have a Yale smartlock which only works with Homekit. I do have Homebridge and enabled Ring on it, so I can control everything through Homekit and have an automation for “when everyone arrives home”

So, when I arrive home, I get prompted by Homekit if I want to run the automation, and this will disarm the alarm and open the lock.

Hi. Do you mind me asking what models you are using as I am looking for such a function to add? Thank you

Hi @Bosi. We have a list of locks that Works With Ring on this page here. I hope this helps!

Has this been answered? I have a Z-Wave Lock and just linked it to my Ring Account. We want all the doors to lock automatically when I set my alarm to Home or Away. And Automatically unlock when I hit Disarm.

This seems like Smart Home 101. I’d be completely kind blown if this is a standard feature for Ring. And kind embarrassed.

Thanks for any help.

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I did create 3 routines on Alexa:

  • one that should close my Yale lock 3 minutes after it is unlocked
  • two more that should lock it when the alarm is set to home or away

they do nothing :flushed:. what am I missing?