Wall mounts for stick up camera and spotligh camera


I presently own a Ring Stick Up Cam Solar but would like to add a Ring Spotlight Cam Solar in my backyard. I would like to replace the Stick up Camera with the Rig Spotlight and move the Stick up Camera to a different place in the backyard. Do they both use the same wall mount or do I have to change the whole thing? I was hoping not to have to have to make new holes for a different mount. Are the wall mounts for these two cameras interchangeable?

Thank you


PS: Does anybody own both the Stick up Camera and the Spotlight Camera? Which one do you prefer?

Hi @Amylogamy1953. The Ring Stick-Up Cam and the Ring Spotlight Cam do utilize different mounting bracket designs. You can see the different mounts that we have available here. If possible, share a picture of the mounting location and type of mount that you have so the Community can offer a suggestion. I hope this helps! :grinning: Also, I prefer the Spotlight Cam because I like having the Lights come on with motion when I let my dog outside.