Volume control

Glad to be the first member to post a topic!

Is there really no way to control the volume of the audio from a video alert on my phone? It seems as if the app ignores the system volume control. When I answer at work, I want to minimize the volume but in the end my speakers are blaring.


I just had this exact same thing happen to me!! I was listening to music on my Bluetooth headphones at work and answered my door bell alert, when all of a sudden my visitor’s voice came blaring through my phone speakers with no way to turn down the volume of their voice. This is annoying because it should be able to use my headphones for audio output and microphone input.

Hi @rickytenzer are you using Bluetooth as well?

Yes but it happens when without Bluetooth

As you can see in the attached screenshot, my media volume is muted, in not connected to Bluetooth and the speaker is still outputting sound

Hi @rickytenzer the sound volume can be adjusted down when unmuting the speaker icon in the ‘active call UI’. However, it can not be completely silenced. This is on both Android and iOS.

Why can we not have the audio go through a Bluetooth headset or minimize the volume when a ring alert comes in? Seems ridiculous to me.

I appreciate your feedback and have sent it to the team. Please kudo this post if you agree and would like to see this as well. Thank you, neighbors!