Voltage too high from Ring plug-in adapter?

Hi, I am attempting to install a new Ring Pro 2 hardwired unit. I’ve bought a Ring brand plug-in adapter/transformer to power it. When I plugged the adapter in and checked the voltage with a multimeter, I am getting ~50 volts AC. It should be 24 volts output, right?

I am afraid to hook it up to the doorbell for fear I may damage it. Is the adapter defective, or is it normal for it to be be reading around 50 volts, though the nominal voltage is 24?

Hi @_donnie_a. The Ring Plug-In Adapter 2nd Generation is a DC power adapter, not an AC adapter, that will work with the Pro 2. Its power output is 24VDC, 0.5A, 12.0W. I hope this information helps.

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