Voltage dropping on Pro

Is there anyone out there besides Ring Support Folks that have upgraded to the 16v 30va transformer and has seen their voltage continually dropping? I have contacted Support on numerous occasions and keep getting not to worry. Does the Pro drop to a certain level before increasing or is the Pro a piece of crap? BTW I did have the Pro and the transformer professionally put in place. In one week my Mv level has gone from 4054 to 4016 at this rate in a month or so I am betting I will be offline.

Hey @Zandarr ! As long as your device is operating correctly, your 16v 30va rated transformer sounds perfect for your setup and should definitely output a consistent flow of voltage to keep your Ring Pro running. Check out our help center article on troubleshooting voltage concerns here, if needed.

I have read that page over and over and none of it helps. It does not explain why my voltage is steadily dropping. I had my transformer installed by an electrician who has installed many Ring Doorbells and he also checked my wiring. I Wish I had gone another route with Home security and probably will and when this doorbell fails as I am sure that it will I am going to cut my losses and invest in security cameras and/or doorbell that works.