Voice response on ring security coming from the unit

With the ring security system, is there anyway to add voice announcements instead of just sounds, it would be awesome, if something is opened, say kitchen window, or door downstairs, garage, or main door, it would just say so, so that we wouldn’t have to try to figure out what or which sensor tripped the alarm off. The alarm system I left to go to Ring, did that, and I always knew which sensor was tripped anywhere in the house because it says it, instead of just a sound. if you have a house with different levels, hearing a sound is not enough. If anyone agrees please send them a text, email or call, so they can add this feature, that I believe would make this system awesome. It is great now. I am a big fan of Ring, and there eco system.


Hey @Sky77, thank you for your feedback on this! While it’s not a feature at this time, I will pass on this suggestion to the appropriate team. If you ever have any other feature requests for the alarm, feel free to post them in our Community thread here. :smiley_cat:

I just received the water/low temp sensor and apparently it comes with voice announcements, so it shouldn’t be that hard for everything else to have the option, the only reason I am pushing so hard for voice, is I gave up being with safe home security, they sucked, but the only good thing they had was the voice announcements, and I feel like that’s an awesome feature, especially when you have a two level home, thanks for responding.

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I have this question too.

i was told be USA support to delete the entire Ring app then reinstall but an Obvious No Go.

i was told by another support person that some Spotlight Cameras show it in the list and some do not. Really??

Ring’s correct answer is above.

If you have an Echo device using an Alexa routine you can likely set one that has Alexa speak the name of the sensor when it is set to open. I haven’t tried it but I do know you can select the various sensors and program certain actions to occur.

Thank you I’ll check the Alexa app. Yes I am receiving sound effect notifications from Alexa but I’ll need to see if I can customize an announcement. Still though, a customized location announcement through my phone is preferred

You can set a routine from Alexa to speak the device name. I have mine set so if it detects motion from the backyard, it will say motion in backyard. If you have an Android phone you can set your phone to speak as well but it requires a bit of work. I don’t know about iPhone though.

Its bee over a year since this post by Sky77 with a short reply by Cheisea_Ring: I will pass on this suggestion to the appropriate team. Have this issue been forward and any action to add this feature: if something is opened, say kitchen window, or door downstairs, garage, or main door, that Voice response will let use know exactly which sensor has been trigger, dont want to running around the house to check which one was Tripp, does the Echo 5 have that setting.

Hi there, @Vegas1908! If you have any Ring Cameras, you might find interest in our Motion Warning feature this is being rolled out to neighbors as we speak. This is not a feature for the Ring Alarm system, and at this time there is not a similar option for Alarm sensors. You can, however, set desired chirp tones in the Ring app for each Sensor.

As we always value our neighbors’ feedback, feel free to add this request on our Feature Request Board. This way other neighbors can share their interest in one place, that we can continue to share with our teams here. :slight_smile:

According to your motion Warning web page it appears only in US.

If this is true then why do things get released in US and never other countries ?

If is available in other countries then apologies but reading the page it appears to say ‘only available in US and on selected Ring devices’

Hi @whydoIbother. There are many features and Ring devices that are available in the US and other regions. If there is a feature that is not yet available in your region, we appreciate your continued patience while Ring works to make this happen. When the Motion Warning feature is available outside of the US, We will be sure to update the Community with this information. Thank you!